Installation, Operation & Maintenance of Subsurface Drip Disposal Systems

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Course Description

Course Description

This 8 hour Continuing Education Course is designed to provide quality continuing education for professionals who are licensed as Installer I, Installer II, Site Evaluator, Designated Representative or registered as Professional Sanitarians in Texas.

This course provides comprehensive training that professionals need in order to Install, Operate & Maintain a Subsurface Drip Disposal System on an Onsite Wastewater system. . . Rapid population growth in some areas of Texas occurring in regions with some of the most difficult site conditions creating challenges for OSSF professionals. These areas include many sites with shallow soils and surface recharge into important aquifers. Other sites have heavy clays and shallow water tables. They are some of the most problematic soils for on-site wastewater treatment. These challenges create the need for new approaches to on-site wastewater treatment. Drip Disposal Systems can provide a solution to many of these problems. . . In fact on some sites it may be the only viable option.

This course focuses on the skills needed by the professionals in the OSSF industry to work with, install, and maintain a drip disposal system on an OSSF in Texas.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Electrical Safety
  • Basic Electrical Principles – (basic circuits, voltage, amperage, ohms resistance, watts, grounding, ac & dc power)
  • Applied Electrical Principles – (Standards for voltage ranges, 120/240 single phase power, configuration of electrical panels)
  • NEC requirements for OSSF electrical circuits – (wire connections & sizing, ampacity ratings, overcurrent protection, voltage drop calculations, requirements for the OSSF wet corrosive environment, color codes, line of sight requirements, etc.)

The course includes short videos that can be taken all in one day or broken up in short periods over as many days as you like.