Troubleshooting & Repair of Aerobic Treatment Units, Electrical Controls, Spray or Drip Disposal

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This 8 hour Continuing Education Course is prepared for professionals who must diagnose and solve problems with aerobic on-site sewage facilities. It is designed to provide quality continuing education for professionals who are licensed as Installer I, Installer II, Maintenance Provider, Designated Representative or registered as Professional Sanitarians in Texas. It is approved by some Counties in Texas as training for home owners to maintain their systems.

This course is not an overview. . . It is a detailed course on how Aerobic Treatment Systems work and how to keep them working!

In this course you will learn how to very quickly and systematically assess the condition of an Aerobic Treatment unit. You will learn where to take samples, make assessments, and look for indicators that help you determine the condition of the plant. You will know if it is functioning as it should or if there is a problem. . . If you diagnose a problem, you will know precisely what needs to be done to fix the problem.

You will learn how to assess Four Distinct Categories of an aerobic treatment system in detail, and how they all work together.  

  • Biological System
  • Loading Rates – (hydraulic & organic)
  • Mechanical Components – (aeration system, tanks & piping)
  • Electrical Circuits

We will discuss in detail what all aerobic treatment systems have in common and then get into some specific brand differences. At the end of the course you will know how to accurately and quickly make assessments and diagnose problems in an Aerobic Treatment unit.

The course includes short videos that can be taken all in one day or broken up in short periods over as many days as you like.

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